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When I was in college, I believed that I could be one of the best backend developers in the industry. I was digging deeper about design patterns, data structures and distributed systems. The thing that I was not aware at that time was the cloud and its effect on the software industry.

After I realized opportunities emerged from cloud computing I thought, it would be best for me to excel in this area. I kept digging deeper and Masomo family allowed me to work on the cloud. Right after being a DevOps Engineer, I learned tons about AWS. ECS, EKS, Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB those are some of the AWS services that I use on daily to provide Masomo’s backend services functions well.

After utilizing AWS I also noticed the importance of cloud design patterns. Those patterns are allowing us to serve more reliable, secure and scalable services when we worked with a 1+ million user base. Also having a chance to use the latest technologies on technologies and developing tools using those technologies makes me feel so happy that I cannot describe with words.

I like meeting new people and talking about anything. I believe one can find something new about oneself when they meet new people. If you are interested in grabbing coffee and talking shop, please send me an email.

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